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The cost of bad leadership

by Hephzi Pemberton, Founder, Equality Group, leadership hr
Anyone could be a manager, but that doesn't mean that anyone should be. Bad leadership has a cost!
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Know your risks and their cost

by Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI
Organisations are focused on risks, including cyber-attack and IT outages, but underrate the impact of more frequent events which can be the leading financial loss drivers for businesses
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Perils of dining at your desk

by Kelly Feehan, Servies Director, CABA
Taking a break from your desk, and particularly a computer screen, is essential to wellbeing and a great way to re-charge
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Felling the chill?

by Workthere
Maintaining an ideal temperature whilst at work helps workers to be happier and more productive
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Support employees with cancer

by Tim Warren, Commercial Director, Harley Street Concierge
Over 100,000 UK people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. 36% of employees have no form of support from their employer in the face of a diagnosis
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Absenteeism, presenteeism and business

by Mike Davis, Head of SME, AXA PPP Healthcare
When someone is absent from work, the remaining staff may take on the extra load. But when they come in to work sick, everyone is at risk of catching a cold. Which is worse?
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Work - friends or no friends?

by Mark Pearcy, Head of Marketing, 4Com
Most people spend more time with colleagues than anyone else in their lives, but do they make friends at work and does it affect performance?
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