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Mental health - the elephant in the room

by Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield Health, health hr jobs
Mental health problems such as stress are common so we need to be able to discuss them openly
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Essential marketing rehab for brands

by Diana Chrouch, Marketing Consultant

Customer service - customer relations management or CRM - has never been more important to marketing a brand successfully as it is right now
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Tips to avoid IT and data fraud

by David Kearns, MD, Expert Investigations

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can be affected by IT and data fraud affecting productivity and costs
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Learning from family businesses

by Steve Benger, Managing Partner, Accelerus

Family-run businesses are amongst the biggest and most successful in the world - what can we learn from them?
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Tips for the business traveller

by Gillian Tans, COO and President of

Every day, millions of hours are spent travelling for business around the world - top tips for making the most of your travel
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What makes a successful business person?

by Michael O'Connell, owner, Jolly Wodgers, leadership business
Anyone can set up a business, but to be successful you need to be tolerant, ready to work night and day, make huge personal sacrifices, have a good business plan and deliver it
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Managing sustained innovation for a smarter planet

by Dr Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP Innovation

Extraordinary outcomes can be achieved when the right people, infrastructure and motivation come together - sustained innovation is becoming more significant
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What is the real purpose of a company?

by Dr Graham Wylie, CEO, The Medical Research Network

The role of the company - a vehicle to provide forms of specialisation in society that generates positive value to drive social improvements in quality-of-life
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Is banker bashing fair and justified?

by Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank

Seismic global economic shifts, unprecedented and depressing volatility in the markets, major concerns about the banking industry itself and a tsunami of new regulations have combined to make for a very difficult ride
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Stop wasting valuable talent

by Sharon Glancy, MD, People 1st

There has been a lot of talk about the representation of women on boards, but equally important is the loss of skills, experience and knowledge that happens after career breaks
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