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Is your business making marginal gains?

Adi Gaskell, PEX I am a bit of a cycling nut and the ground-breaking success of the British cycling team in recent years has been built on the concept of marginal gains. Small improvements in process here, slightly better technology there eventually add up to gold medals and World Championship winning performances.

It's a lesson we can all heed. If we can each do lots of little things a bit better, then they'll add up to a huge improvement in performance and productivity. The process excellence movement sets out to enable us to do just that. It comes in many guises, be it lean or six sigma, but at the heart of each methodology is getting us to do things better.

If you're not convinced, or you have colleagues or clients that need convincing, the Process Excellence Network has produced the following video to help underline the importance of continuous improvement in everything we do.

Adi Gaskell is social business manager for PEX

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