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Efficient technology for business

Dion Smith, GM, Samsung UK Print Division Whilst the economy has taken a beating over the past few years small businesses are forced to reassess the way they operate. Business owners need to be more creative and innovative when it comes to implementing efficient solutions to the everyday running of their company. The fundamentals of business havenít really changed in the last 25 years, however the tools certainly have and nowhere is this more evident than in the technology arena. First there was e-mail, then the internet and today we are seeing innovation across areas such as IT processes, cloud computing and business operations. Technology is an essential component in nearly every business as it can affect interaction with customers, colleagues and the performance of employees. Here, we have teamed up with entrepreneur, James Caan to outline five top tips for implementing technology solutions in new businesses.

  1. Research and plan: Businesses need to research, plan and assess the best IT solution suited for the specific needs of their business. Not all businesses are the same and obviously the IT plan for one might be wildly different to another. For example, do your employees spend time out of the office? If so, tablets or smartphones would be a wise investment, over investing in more desktop computers. Itís important to talk to your workforce to find out their needs and expectations.
  2. Future proofing: Having recently worked alongside Dion Smith, General Manager of Samsung UKís Print Division, it became apparent that technology is a dynamic fast-paced industry, with developments and new products continually coming to the market. By investing in technology that is new and relevant, you can ensure your business does not have to re-invest after only a few months. For example, cloud technology is growing rapidly within businesses Ė with more and more companies investing in tools such as cloud monitors, in order to free up desk space, improve security, increase information capacity and encourage faster upgrades of equipment from one centralised location.
  3. Invest now - save later: Technology can seem like a large upfront expense, but if businesses invest wisely in their IT, it will significantly help in reducing costs in the long term and will contribute to the efficiency of the business. Technology can help people work on the move, with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. And WiFi enabled printers can save time by allowing users to print straight from their tablets and smartphones using apps such as Samsung MobilePrint available on Android and iOS.
  4. The green dream: Smart technology can help to reduce a businessís carbon footprint. Business owners will also find that the solutions that cut down on their carbon footprint also help to cut down on their costs. The Easy Eco Driver in Samsung printers lets you customise your settings to help you manage and control printing costs. Users can avoid printing unnecessary text or images in a document without changing the original file, enabling a more efficient use of toner and paper.
  5. Streamline: Business streamlining can be achieved through wise technology investments. For example, instead of having separate scanners, copiers and faxes businesses can choose an all in one device. This improves energy efficiency and saves valuable office space.

Overall, itís the basics that businesses overlook. Technology can help to reduce costs, save time and streamline a business.

For more information: www.samsung.com/uk/business/printer.

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