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Free UK broadband for users on the go

Ben Atherton, CEO, Samba A new service which offers free on-the-go broadband for laptops, netbooks and iPads has just launched in the UK. Based on a simple 'value exchange' model, users watch a few high-quality video advertisements to earn free credit. A partnership with the award winning Three network means Samba offers the best connection possible and coverage across all of the UK.

Watching just 2.5 minutes of ads per day Ė thatís less than the average ad break on commercial television - earns enough data to cover the average consumerís monthly broadband consumption of 517MB data per month. Customers choose which ads they want to watch and when they want to watch them and a battery icon shows how much credit they have.

The need for broadband on the go is growing quickly. Over 7 million adults in the UK use a broadband on the go service and this is predicted to continue to grow exponentially. Savvy consumers can utilise Samba and reduce their bills, saving an average of £10 per month.

"Samba is the perfect solution for people who need internet data on the go and donít want to be locked into contracts with monthly charges and additional costs for excess data usage. You earn the credit watching ads at a time that is convenient for you and then have access when you need it. It also marks an end to that hunt for a coffee shop, pub, hotel or library to get online - with Samba you can be online anytime, anywhere," comments Ben Atherton, CEO and founder of Samba.

"We want Samba to be a quality product that our customers will enjoy using. We have the best connection and internet speed possible and carry premium ads from brands such as Agent Provocateur, Sims, Volvo, Clinique, Nissan, Paramount Pictures, Xbox Kinect, Pot Noodle and Dell."

Providing value to customers and advertisers alike, additional Samba credit can be earned when customers click through to a partner retailer and purchase items. With partners such as iTunes and PriceGrabber (and more to follow soon) it is easy to earn additional credit while shopping online.

Itís easy to get up and running with Samba - we've tried it a Business Works and like it! Go to, register details and purchase a SIM (plus a dongle for laptops). Start collecting data 'credit' by watching ads then, when the SIM arrives, plug it in and the software automatically loads and you're ready to go. The Samba standard SIM costs £5 including P&P; the Samba Dongle and SIM costs £25 including P&P - this simply covers costs and there are no further costs than this.

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