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Practical environmental change advice for companies

T he Government has announced additional funding for the Environment Agency to provide practical advice to help businesses, organisations and communities prepare for climate change.

"It is vital to our social and economic prosperity that we are prepared for the risks of climate change and ready to take advantage of the opportunities it may bring," said Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman. "We have built an excellent understanding of the likely impacts of climate change, backed up with solid evidence, and there has been significant progress in providing practical advice. Now we need to increase the scope of adaptation around the country and encourage action at a faster rate. The Environment Agency is well positioned to take on this role, using its extensive network to reach communities and businesses and help them plan for climate change. This is a priority for DEFRA, which is why I am delighted to announce more funding to deliver the practical support required on the ground."

"The UK Climate Impacts Programme has played a crucial role in providing solid foundations for the adaptation measures needed, particularly its work to introduce climate change adaptation into the mainstream of organisational planning. I would like to thank everyone at UKCIP for the expertise they have provided and dedication they have shown."

"We look forward to playing a key role in helping businesses and local authorities adapt to climate change," added Lord Chris Smith, Environment Agency Chairman.

The Environment Agency (EA) will take on a new, additional role as the Government’s delivery body in England for advice on climate adaptation – the actions needed to build our resilience to the changes and impacts projected such as hotter, drier summers; warmer, wetter winters and an increased risk of severe weather and flooding. DEFRA will provide EA with an additional £2 millon per year to deliver climate adaptation advice, an increase on the current £1.5 million per year budget, paid to our current delivery partners, the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) and the UK’s regional climate change partnerships.

EA will use its existing structure and links with local communities and businesses to increase the reach of adaptation advice across the country. EA plans to focus on key sectors such as health, water, transport, engineering and finance. In each sector EA will seek to work in partnership with the relevant trade or professional bodies and regulators to tap into relevant expertise and share knowledge on each sector’s adaptation needs.

The move will build on the excellent work of UKCIP, which has since 1997 provided information and support to organisations adapting to the impacts of a changing climate. This has helped to establish the UK as a world leader on climate adaptation.

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP):

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