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Business heroes - the key to economic recovery

Andrew Miller, owner, ARM Coaching This is a clarion call! The time of heroes is upon us!

We won't find these heroes in the corridors of Whitehall or the offices of The City. They're not in the armed forces or in the fire service. These heroes are to be found amongst ordinary people. They look like everyone else. They sound like everyone else. But they will do extraordinary things. They are the humble business owner!

The key to economic recovery lies with business owners. Weíre not talking about the gargantuan corporates or enterprises that seem to do well regardless of the situation. Iím talking about the small to medium enterprises, those 4.8 million individual businesses in the UK, those stalwarts of our economy.

These are the companies that might be doing all right. Just ticking along, or worse, struggling to pay the wages. Regardless of their trading position, these companies generated a combined turnover of £3.1 billion last year. These are those companies that employ less than nine people. The companies you see whilst on the bus or the train; the face of your town and city.

the constant media indoctrination of doom and gloom is consuming even the most optimistic of us

They account for 96% of all businesses in the UK and itís within this body of UK enterprise that the solution lies. Contrary to what we might assume, these companies are actually doing OK, in fact, probably better than OK. But the constant media indoctrination of doom and gloom is consuming even the most optimistic of us. So, itís no wonder businesses are more likely to believe they are close to the edge.

To get this country moving again it requires these companies to take some risks. To push things out a bit. To buy. To invest. To expand. And when they get going, others will move with them. They'll get the competitive edge going with their neighbours and pull up those who are beneath them.

They will have to be brave and do it under their own initiative though. We can all comment on the need for less regulatory burdens, easier employment laws and access to support, but businesses do have the options to help themselves. It may mean dipping into that rainy day fund or making a few tough decisions - unfortunately the government can't legislate for it and the banks can't make people do it. Businesses just have to be brave.

the country needs selfless spirits to take risk

Much in the same way you can't tell someone to run back into a burning building and rescue a trapped child. No one can tell you how to act or react but the country needs those selfless spirits that are willing to take that risk: to be a hero.

And yes, there will be casualties. Not everyone will make it. But it is by these sacrifices that we will know your heroism. So, who wants to make a difference? Who's prepared to stand up and be counted? Itís time for a new breed of hero because right now we have a new breed of crisis.

Your country really does need you Ė all 4.8 million of you!

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