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A fragrant entrepreneurial success story

David Hillson, the Risk Doctor Born in Tanzania in 1984, Nabila is the third child in a family of eight. She first moved to the UK with her family at the age of 12 before moving back to Tanzania so her parents could pursue starting their own business. It was during this time that Nabila realised she had business aspirations of her own while helping her parents run their successful business. By the age of sixteen, she already had an understanding of staff management, stock taking and dealing with customers on a personal level before moving back to the UK in 2002 to continue her studies.

Whilst working as a Sales Associate for Harrods, Nabila found that there were many customers who wanted to buy fragrances for their children. However, she soon realised at the time there wasn’t anything available on the market aimed at young teens. After thorough research she was convinced that this was a niche in the market and her opportunity to realise her childhood ambition of starting her business. It is here when the idea of Dore Dion began.

Nabila was first introduced to Bright Ideas Trust in late 2011 when she met with founder, Tim Campbell. Through these meetings, Nabila was able to develop her business plan and meet with head buyers from both John Lewis and Harrods. Whilst they loved her concept, Harrods decided that in order to invest fully then Nabila needed a sample that was ready to sell. Eventually she went away and through her determination she began actively seeking finances from family members in order to produce some samples of her perfume.

Once samples had been made and there was a high level of interest from Harrods, Nabila approached Bright Ideas Trust again to look for investment to set up production. She was invited to a workshop where she met with Zoe Brown who helped to pitch her idea to the panel of business experts in order to secure approval for funding, via Bright Ideas Trust who are a delivery partner for the Government’s Start Up Loan Scheme.

Nabila was able to secure £20,000 investment in the form of a Start-Up Loan brokered by Bright Ideas Trust due to her solid business plan and viable business proposition. The money has been used by Nabila to buy ingredients, bottles, packaging and to invest in advertising and promotional materials. The loan is combined with full mentoring support provided by Bright Ideas Trust.

"Dore Dion is a prime example of the untapped potential in young entrepreneurs we have in this country," says Lisa Gagliani, Chief Executive Officer at Bright Ideas Trust. "We are proud to have been a small part in helping to get this business ready to trade – and alongside the investment, we will be mentoring and monitoring the performance of the company and helping the business owner in every way we can."

"Bright Ideas Trust approved a loan of £20,000 in April to help fund products aimed at the teenage market which is innovative and had proven market value – in that Harrod’s buyers were confident to give the scent some shelf space. In time, we may consider an equity investment alongside, but that will depend very much on the needs of Nabila, the business owner."

As well as financial backing, Bright Ideas Trust has enrolled Nabila in a number of workshops that have helped her with aspects of her business such as advertising and marketing. Her Business Mentor Zoe is in regular contact with her to answer any questions she may have and discuss any concerns.

"Being a start up company, I am not familiar with a lot of business processes and government legislation and laws," says Nabila. "These are the areas that Bright Ideas Trust has helped the most in. Making sure I am suitably prepared for any eventuality and have firm control over my finance and have everything planned for the future."

Dore Dion was established in October 2012 as a teen brand dealing with exclusive fragrances and products. After receiving funding and support from Bright Ideas Trust, Dore Dion’s first perfume, Pink Addiction, has just launched this month (June 2013) after securing a three-month exclusivity period with Harrods.

Nabila has some ambitious plans for the future - once the period of exclusivity with Harrods has finished, she plans to approach further retailers in order to get them to stock Pink Addiction. She also hopes to create the next fragrance for girls as well as expanding her range with products aimed at boys.

Nabila wants her business to be known as a key brand in the teen market and despite just starting out; she has already started thinking about expanding her business throughout Europe and North America. She says, "I want to make my brand known worldwide. I know this is very ambitious but every project starts with one step".

For more information about Dore Dion, please visit: www.pink-addiction.co.uk

For more information visit about the Bright Ideas Trust, please visit: www.brightideastrust.com

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