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Optimising your travel needs

Robert Rigby, Business Development Manager, Emerald Global Ltd The pressure on costs and expenditure has never been greater than today. The economic downturn has meant businesses and individuals looking even closer at costs and this is true when it both business and leisure travel. Robert Rigby of Emerald Global explains the value of customer service and why Travel Management Companies (TMCs) offer a realistic option in today’s economic climate.

The internet has made it possible to source fares and check itineraries like never before. Most of us have become experts in searching out deals and offers which a few years ago would not have been possible.

The flip side to this is that, from a corporate travel point of view, it wastes valuable executive time to search for the best offers. In addition, you are missing out on strategic and valuable advice and when it comes to making last-minute changes, these are fraught with complication, time wasting and invariably you will be charged a high price. Also, it is worth remembering that, when things go wrong at the destination, there is often nobody to help or answer your needs immediately.

The drive to save travel costs has meant a surge in the use of low-cost carriers, but what happens when you want to travel further afield and your journey takes in a number of stopovers? To try and source this yourself is complex, time consuming and you will not always get the best price.

the best deals - are you missing out?

Now more than ever, companies, especially SMEs, need an expert to take away the pressure of trying to search the best deals and most competitive fares. Airlines and hotels are constantly bringing out special offers, so are you sourcing the best deals? Invariably you may miss out, so that is where a third party comes in handy.

You can beneift from the support to help guide you through what is effectively a minefield when it comes to searching for a good travel deal. If you need a last-minute change when having booked your flight over the internet who do you talk to?

The answer lies with a reliable Travel Management Company (TMC). TMCs are able to provide a real face to your travel needs, helping you with sound, friendly and relevant advice. They often have the best deals and provide a menu of options. And, if changes are required, then they are able to provide that facility.

a menu of choices

So what can and should you expect from a reliable TMC? Any worth its salt should be able to provide you with sound advice based on a clear brief. They should give you a choice of options when it comes to travel and that includes both the flight and ground arrangements, if required. They have access to all the leading airlines, hotel groups, car rental companies and special offers, so will furnish you with a menu of choices depending on your budget, dates and class of travel.

You should be able to sit down with your TMC and discuss your requirements and not be forced into purchasing an ‘off the shelf’ solution. You are the client, so a bespoke arrangement around your needs should be facilitated.

When this level of attention and focus is provided, you can then be assured of obtaining the most competitive travel solution options tailored to your needs.

In today’s economic climate, every company needs to work harder than ever - no one can afford to stand still. To maintain the status quo is not financially smart.

Clients in any sector always talk about getting value for money and customer care. That is true for all travel requirements. Customer-focused travel management companies stand out when they truly interact with their clients showing them a fully comprehensive, highly personalised travel service.

If you don’t currently use a TMC and prefer online technology then think again, there are clear, genuine benefits to be had especially in today’s ever-increasing competitive market.

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