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Play to win - building a famous brand

by Linzi Boyd, brand expert and author When you began working with your brand, did it ever occur to you that your brand could one day become famous? Perhaps 'brand fame' is something that you have always dreamed of, but are unsure how to get started. Not to worry, there are some key things that are common among successful entrepreneurs and their famous brands which, if you incorporate into your brand, could speed up the process and get it on the fast track to fame says Linzi Boyd, brand expert and author.

Play the fame game

know your end game and remain focused

To be a successful entrepreneur it is essential to develop a powerful mindset and know what you are setting out to achieve. Think big. Highs and lows come with running a brand, successes and failures too only by knowing what your end game is can you remain focused, regardless of the ups and downs along the way.

Determination, unwavering belief and, importantly, your enjoyment of and the thrill you get from playing to win is what will make the fundamental difference in you creating a brand that leads the way in your market.

Quick Decisions - Drive Opportunity

Compared to the slow moving mindset of a big corporation, it's now easy for small brands to incorporate quick decision making into their business to embrace and drive new opportunity. As a result, smaller businesses are able to progress forwards and maximise their natural approach to idea generation and integration; this means that comparatively they experience exponential growth. Since small businesses are less likely to be held back by lengthy decision-making processes that can exist in bigger corporations, you and your brand can take big strides forwards to advance your rate of growth, not only locally, but also on a global scale.

Shrinking world Expanding brands

With the daily expansion of the digital era and the entrepreneurial evolution, more and more people are opting to own their business rather than build someone else's. The world has become a global playground where it has never been easier for a small business to play big and a big business to play bigger. Being recognised on a global scale is completely achievable. It is no longer just big businesses that can deliver global impact with their big marketing spends - any size business can put their brand / products or services on display on the global stage to be seen and heard by an international audience.

It's also necessary to create multiple conversations through different channels of communication and engage your 'audience' with fresh new and specific content that can be liked and shared not only by them, but also by their 'friends'. A little bit of dedication and it won't take long for your brand to go globally viral.

Influence the minds of others

We live in a world where celebrity, entrepreneurial leaders and opinion formers can change the way your audience interacts with your brand. Engagement with your end consumer has become seamless with the help of these elite groups who easily generate interest, shifting awareness from one brand to another. A consumer's mindset is easier to shape and influence once you have their full focus and attention. Who better to engage than the people your target audience look up to and admire to do the job for you?

The rules of the game

Once your mindset is honed and you have outlined the game you want to play, you simply need to follow the rules to get there in the most efficient and energy conserving way.

  • Discover the DNA of your brand know what your key message is, your core values and what you want to be known for
  • Develop the tools that are essential to have your brand seen and stand out from the crowd and build your product and service so as to offer differing price points that engage multiple audiences
  • Deliver your channel to market using retail, pop-ups, e-commerce, workshops and seminars
  • Create conversations and engage large audiences using print and digital to reinforce your influence
  • Constantly re-evaluate your progress and reassess your goals to fine-tune your vision and continually evolve the 'plan' to keep you on track with your big game.

book - Brand Famous

Now it's your turn ...

It's getting easier to build a famous brand, the world has changed to suit the entrepreneur and it's a much smoother journey if you have all your tools in place. Your strong mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, determination and will to win will be the key ingredients for you to stand out in any crowded market place.

Linzi Boyd is the author of Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business, published by Capstone (2014)

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