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How to stay on top of trends

by Alice Barat, Chief Commercial Officer, BGirl Fashion Businesses are competing for space in the market now more than ever. No matter the industry they're in, there's a constant stream of rival businesses manifesting their ideas into reality. You need to be a dominating presence in your industry circle if you aim to keep growing and make sure you are unique and competitive in comparison to other businesses in your sector, says Alice Barat, Chief Commercial Officer at BGirl Fashion.

Use your team's strengths

Each team has employees with different strengths that can be utilised, so getting the most out of your team will mean getting the most out of your business. When your staff are appreciated, they'll be more inclined to help build the business and invest in their work. Your team will be the first to spot new industry trends occurring, whether that be a Google algorithm update, a great campaign or changes to paid advertising. Play to your team's strengths and they'll take you to the top of your industry.

Update your social

Social media are the key to reaching audiences, gaining customers and keeping an eye on your competitor's campaigns, new releases and general industry news. It's the best free tool that a business can use to stay in the loop with industry news whilst gaining insight into new trends and marketing tactics that can help you to increase profit and sales. Make sure to engage with your audience on your social feeds regularly to build rapport and trust. It's also key to invest in your social media across a plethora of sites that will be managed and monitored daily.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Google search is driving businesses - if there are a lot of people searching for something, it's likely to be popular. Invest in an SEO tool to identify emerging patterns in audience search behaviour and identify where your competitors are heading for future opportunities. Using SEO is not only great for finding out how to improve in the eyes of Google, but also finding where your business can fill a market gap and make for an even stronger competitor for the other players in your industry.

Make and keep your contacts

Keep your contacts close, because you'll probably need them at some point, whether that's for general advice or expertise. To keep evolving and avoid getting stuck in a rut, attend meetings, conferences and local networking events to get in front of experts and potential contacts. Meeting people face-to-face and learning from their experiences allows you to widen your own views to give your business fresh ideas and remain a key competitor in your industry.

Be innovative

The best entrepreneurs take risks and knock backs before their success. Many failing businesses lack creativity and the capacity to be daring with their business to make them stand out from the rest. In order to be at the top of your game, take risks with your strategy and team, let your employees have free reign with their creativity and allow your success to grow.

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