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Risk Doctor & Partners

For Risk Doctor & Partners over ten years, Risk Doctor & Partners has provided specialist risk management consultancy from The Risk Doctor and our team of senior risk experts. We offer high-quality professional advice to clients across the globe, combining leading-edge thinking with expert practical application, providing access to the latest developments in risk management best practice.

Our services are available worldwide through our network of partners, who include world-class experts in corporate and strategic risk, programme and portfolio risk, financial risk, reputation risk, environmental risk, operational risk, quantitative risk analysis, risk psychology etc.

Risk Doctor & Partners offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Risk presentations, from keynotes to briefings, for major conferences or small teams, presenting the latest ideas in risk management in an accessible style that combines clarity, humour and practicality
  • Coaching and mentoring, providing personal input and support to key individuals or small teams, sharing and transferring expertise
  • Risk process review, benchmarking your approach against best practice & recommending practical improvements to strengthen risk management to meet the specific challenges of your business
  • Risk workshops, helping you to define your risk appetite, set risk thresholds, identify and prioritise threats and opportunities, assess risk exposure, and develop effective responses to exploit uncertainty and create value
  • Risk training, offering a range of learning experiences to raise awareness, create understanding and develop skills, designed for senior leaders, project managers and their teams, and risk practitioners

Risk Doctor & Partners Full details of the business are on our website (below) which also offers a wide range of free resources (videos, webinars, briefings and papers) and you can raise specific queries for rapid diagnosis.

Risk is everywhere and presents a range of threats and opportunities which need to be managed proactively if we are to minimise problems and maximise benefits. With an enviable track record in diagnosis and treatment and a strong emphasis on managing opportunity through the risk process, Risk Doctor & Partners provides a unique approach to understanding and managing the uncertainties facing every business.

For more information:
t: +44 (0)7717 - 665222

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