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Get your motivation back

by Dr Mark Winwood, Director Psyc. Services, AXA PPP Healthcare, health
Setting health goals can be a great way of motivating ourselves to improve our wellbeing and can help us boost self-confidence when we start to notice progress
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Brits, Americanisms and corporate image

by Dr Nick Smith, Principal, Oxford Home Schooling

Over half of Brits find American spellings frustrating - how might that affect your corporate image?
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Mental health and managers' responsibilities

by Paula Whelan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, RighTrack

Mental health is just as important as physical health and tending to our invisible ailments needs the same level of attention as a visible illness
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Shifting strategies in talent acquisition

by Seb O'Connell, Managing Director Europe and APAC, Cielo

The competition for talent is causing major shifts in corporate strategy, as well as significant disagreements among business functions regarding finding it
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Does exercise make you more productive?

by Conor McArdle, Brighter Business

Exercise has a range of effects on the body, both physiological and psychological and is perfect for promoting better health and wellbeing
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The UK EU Referendum - an anthropologist's view

by Dr Tamara Dragadze,
What were the reasons evoked in the UK electorate by the 'in' and 'out' campaigns and why?
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What makes a successful business person?

by Michael O'Connell, owner, Jolly Wodgers

Anyone can set up a business, but to be successful you need to be tolerant, ready to work night and day, make huge personal sacrifices, have a good business plan and deliver it
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Managing sustained innovation for a smarter planet

by Dr Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP Innovation

Extraordinary outcomes can be achieved when the right people, infrastructure and motivation come together - sustained innovation is becoming more significant
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What is the real purpose of a company?

by Dr Graham Wylie, CEO, The Medical Research Network

The role of the company - a vehicle to provide forms of specialisation in society that generates positive value to drive social improvements in quality-of-life
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Is banker bashing fair and justified?

by Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank

Seismic global economic shifts, unprecedented and depressing volatility in the markets, major concerns about the banking industry itself and a tsunami of new regulations have combined to make for a very difficult ride
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