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Legal notices

We are obliged to inform you of certain Legal points to comply with various Laws and this information is contained (we hope!) on this page ...

Your on-line privacy and our use of Cookies

The Business Works web site ('site') does not gather and store any information about you or your use of the site.

To comply with the Law, we have to inform you about our use of Cookies (if they are enabled on your Browser). Page navigation information is stored temporarily and only for the duration of your visit to the site. It is completely anonymous and non-invasive (ie. nothing is recorded about you or your specific use of the site), but we have to inform you to comply with the Law.

We set our Browser security levels at “high” to, wherever possible, exclude Cookies and, if pushed, might recommend this practice to others.

Users of the site do not need to have Cookies enabled - it is designed to use an alternative way to allow you to navigate round the site, so that nothing is stored on your equipment (if Cookies are disabled). The site only keeps a temporary note of certain things that are used to navigate between pages - and only for the duration of your visit to the site. A typical example of this is when you navigate from one page to another - a note of the page you came from is sometimes stored temporarily to help you navigate back should you wish.

Every time you visit the site, we check if you have Flash enabled and, if so, we serve you the normal Home page. If not, an HTML alternative is displayed. This information is only stored and referenced for the duration of your current visit to the site.

We do keep a record of the number of times certain pages (eg. articles) are visited. Each visit to such a page “clicks up” a counter for that page by one. No data about you or your use of the site are recorded - the counter is merely advanced by one.

If you elect to have Cookies enabled on your Browser, the site may store such navigation information temporarily on your computer. This is referenced only for the duration of that particular visit to the site.

Views and opinions expressed

Opinions expressed online and in the publication are not necessarily those of the Publisher and the Publisher accepts no responsibility for opinions or claims expressed by contributors or advertisers.

Copyright and publication of submitted copy

The Editorial Board's decision concerning publication is final and BusinessWorks does not take responsibility for any views / opinions expressed.

The person submitting copy ('author') must have the copyright of all the materials supplied or have permission to use them for the purpose supplied and indemnifies BusinessWorks for their use in all ways. BusinessWorks does not accept any responsibility for obtaining such permissions and the legal obligations for such rest entirely with the author. By supplying materials, the author gives BusinessWorks the right to use them online or in other forms (eg. hard copy) and the right to edit, modify, summarise or abstract the materials where required. Should you find any problems with the copyright of any materials used, please contact us immediately and we will investigate and try to resolve the matter as soon as we can.

Apart from the Copyright given to BusinessWorks above, authors are free to use such materials elsewhere. It is appreciated if a reference such as 'This article first appeared in BusinessWorks' is applied to other uses of materials submitted and published.

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