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Grave consequences of H&S failures

Ciaran McCabe of Moore Blatch Resolve LLP T he latest figures for fatally injured workers reinforces an underlying downward trend, but businesses should not become complacent, as the consequences of an error is still grave warns Ciaran McCabe of Moore Blatch Resolve.

The most recent data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) confirm that there were 171 fatally injured workers over 2010-2011 which is 17% lower than the average figure for the past five years.

"The new figures are genuinely good news and reflect the improved standards by businesses, but we must not forget the workers who have lost their lives in tragic circumstances that could have been avoided," said Ciaran. "Businesses need to continue to prioritise health and safety, making sure any policy is filtered down to workers and is adhered to on a daily basis."

All too familiar with the outcome when businesses fail to implement suitable health and safety policies, Ciaran recently concluded a six figure claim against a factory in Milton Keynes where a cleaner was fatally decapitated in a horrific accident. In this case, a new employee had the top of her head cut off while inspecting a piece of machinery on site. A flap on the blender suddenly closed while being cleaned causing the fatal injuries. At an inquest, the company was unable to provide any evidence that specific training had been provided for how to clean and inspect the machinery safely, or any warnings given for the potential risks of working with the equipment.

Ciaran continues, "This is a tragic accident that should never have happened and a reminder that all businesses need to continue to work towards improvement. Continually reviewing policy and providing regular training in this area can help remind and reinforce the importance of these measures to employees."

"Itís easy to think it wonít happen to you, but when it is the lives of employees that is at risk, can any of us afford to think that way," he concludes.

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