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How to manage temporary employees

Kate Webster, Resource Nation Hiring temporary employees can be a great way for your company to keep up with an increased workload without committing to hiring full time employees. A busy holiday season, special projects, or unexpected losses could set your company back if you donít take the steps necessary in increase efficiency.

While you can resort to your HR software reporting to find wiggle room in budget for current staff over-time, consider how temp workers could be valuable and more cost-effective. But, youíll want to learn the basics before hiring anyone.

Finding the right Agency

Choosing the right temp agency can either make or break your success with temporary employees. You can either find agencies in your area and reach out to them about employees, or find outside companies that might be able to provide you with the specialized worker you are looking for- a type of recruitment.

  • Interview agencies for jobs, rates, and benefits they might offer. If their workers are in high demand, they may ask a higher price.
  • Check the companyís previous clients to see if they have worked with companies similar to your own. This increases the chance that your temp workers will be experienced in your industry.

HR procedures

Hiring temporary employees is slightly different than taking on new members full time. If they are not on loan from a staffing agency, they may be working as independent contractors, which means there different requirements than those your full-time staff.

  • You wonít need to worry about workers comp; this and other legal and payroll paperwork will be taken care of by the staffing agency.
  • Be sure you follow up on all employment regulations for workerís compensation, liability insurance and employment regulations before you hire.
  • Temp employees need proper training in order to accurately represent your company. If a staffing agency does not provide these skills, be sure your temps are capable of carrying out job responsibilities.

Keep them in the loop

In order to work to their full potential, itís vital that temp workers feel like they are included in your company. Often temp workers have the stereotype of carrying out mindless paperwork, but itís important that that you do not treat your temp workers any differently than your full-time employees.

  • Make sure each temp is aware of the length of their employment, how many temp employees you are taking on and what your overall goals are for the employment.
  • Include them in company-wide meetings and correspondences where they might have the chance to learn more about your company Ė but donít be afraid to have them sit out for confidential meetings.
  • Involve them in events and activities around the office.
  • Communicate with your full-time employees about your temp staff and encourage them to be welcoming as well.

According to, 7.8% more temporary workers will have been employed in 2012 than in 2011. Temp work is a trend that seems to be gaining in popularity in recent years and hiring temp workers could be just what your business needs to get it through tough times and increased workloads.

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