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How to lead a happy and effective team

by Charlotte Smith, Writer and Researcher, Daltons Business When running a business it can sometimes be tricky to keep everyone on board. The work can get on top of your staff and you may find yourself struggling to keep them moving forward. There are, however, a few ways in which you can get them motivated again and give your business that boost it really needs. Charlotte Smith of Dalton's Business takes a look at some of the key things to consider when keeping your employees in tip top form.

Give them the tools they need

No one likes to be given tasks only to find they aren’t able to complete them. Having a lack of resources can put quite a large strain on both the employees and the boss. You need to make sure that they have all the things they need to do their job justice, which may mean dipping your hands in your pockets, but will ultimately save a lot of grief. Also, you should make sure they have all had the training they need to accomplish certain tasks.

Listen to what they have to say

It always pays to just sit down and talk it out. Having staff meetings can help to solve certain problems and to showcase problems that have recently occurred. It also helps in making sure they everyone is happy and have everything they need. The last thing you want is for one of your staff to be unhappy, but not say a word about it. You're all in it together so it’s only right to check that you're all on the same page. You also need to make sure that what is addressed verbally is addressed physically as there is no point in talking if no action is taken.

Show your appreciation for them

Your staff will always want to know that they've done a good job and the best way to show them is to give them the occasional treat. You could opt for treating specific people for their efforts, or better still you can congratulate the whole team with a special outing such as a staff lunch or something fun like bowling. If they’ve done you proud you should give them some time to escape the stress of work and just have a giggle.

Give it to them straight

Honesty will always give you respect, even if the truth hurts a little. The moment you start to hide certain things from your staff, especially things that directly affect them, the moment you start to lose their faith in both you and the business. It is beneficial for your team to know exactly what is going on as not only will they know what to expect, but they may very be able to assist you in putting things right when things go wrong.

If you’re worried that your staff are slacking, or they’ve lost their mojo, be sure to let them know you’re there to help in any way you can. After all, they're the reason you’ve got this far. For more information on keeping your staff content and productive why not see what you can find online.

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