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Personality v poisonality - you choose!

by Bill Potter, the Business Maverick The basic definition of 'personality' is ... "The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character". Do you, um ... have one? Well, go check it out, then. It is only the key ingredient of your life fulfilment, as a human being. Thatís all.

You can be funny, interesting, smart, caring, considerate, friendly, knowledgeable, warm, organised, useful, confident or motivating. Or ... you can be cold, pessimistic, angry, withdrawn, arrogant, self-righteous, ego-centric, bullying, conceited, cynical, miserable or condescending.

Right! No mucking about here! Either you have a personality or ... a poisonality. And, true to form, much of the media, movies and game makers, are in an unrequited love affair, with 'poisonalities'. Is 'bad' slowly becoming the 'new good'? Is it now Heaven, for the 'morons' and the 'mediocres'?

Both conditions decide your success, relationships (or lack of them) and your impact. Strange people still say, "Youíll just have to accept me as I am, warts an' all". Actually, no! If there is no 'give and take', Iím going to 'give' you the finger, and 'take' off! Besides, who wants to be into warts? Altogether ... yuk!

Your 'personality' has very little to do with your physical appearance. This is contrary to advertising, 'reality shows' (barf!), magazines, movies and many shops. Despite the overwhelming number of 'have-nots' in the world, the 'beautiful people' are materially in love ... with themselves.

Knowing itís the 'all-about-me' state of the world, the message is simple ... come hither, you sexy, hunky, gorgeous, handsome, pretty, clear-skinned, skinny (of course), well-built (obviously) piece of human architectural magic and become immortal with us. Spend up large. Now is good! And they do!

Apparently, if you are of those so-called 'beautiful people', you can have the personality of a Komodo Dragon with BO, but still be 'special'. If you donít believe this, just check tonightís TV fare. Yet, a positive, vibrant and interesting 'personality', usually beats out the short-term 'artificials' of this world.

Company Human Resources departments (isnít this an idiot term, team?) often use 'The Big 5 personality dimensions', to help place potential 'employees'. These five dimensions are: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Insightful, imaginative people with a wide variety of interests, who like to learn new things and enjoy new experiences, score well in 'openness'. People with a high degree of 'conscientiousness' are reliable, prompt, organised, methodical and thorough.

ĎExtravertsí interact well with others. They are energetic, talkative and assertive. Yes, they are.

'Agreeables' are friendly, cooperative, compassionate, affectionate, and sympathetic. The kisses Ďní cuddles group. I canít get enough of them! Can you?

The 'Neurotics' (gulp!), relate to their emotional stability. They often experience negative emotions and have impulse control problems. They are often moody and tense. If you are one of these, get a life! OK? Ta. Right. Come in closer. Well, I donít want 'them' to know, you know?

Have you discovered which type above is the 'poisonality'? See hereís the ting ... all them clever profile test thingies in the woild, ainít easily gonna locate them 'poisonalities', until itís too late, baby! Know what I mean? Hello? You do know that profiling and psychometric tests are 'in', right now, right?

They are useful to a point, but ... they are only a small (repeat, 'small') part of the assessment mix. After all, this very night, you will find your TV viewing fare, is riddled with 'poisonalities'. How could the so-called 'reality shows' and 'soaps', for starters, make it, without them?

What then is the definition of a 'poisonality'? There isnít one from any of the usual sources (ie. dictionary!). So here is mine. A poisonality is ... "A combination of negative characteristics and behaviours, that form an individual's distinctively repugnant character".

Let your children observe such persons and groups of people, to learn how to avoid developing a 'poisonality' of their own! Start tomorrow and discover how many 'live' and how many so-called entertainment-sourced 'poisonalities' you encounter in but a mere 24 hours.

Check yourself out. Here is a link to a Test thingie. Well, go on then. And please donít cry like that, OK!

Me? Iím off to find some 'Agreeables'. Well, I need a cuddle ... I do. Till next time, be safe, well and abundant. Cheers. Bill.

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