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12 world records you can break in your lunch hour

Lunch breaks are the saviour of the working day. For one wonderful hour every day, we can stop thinking about deadlines and targets and use the time instead to grab a bite to eat, read some news and watch funny videos about cats on YouTube (guilty!) says Louise Dickens, Director of Content at Aptitude.

However, in 2011 BUPA discovered that only 30% of employees take an hour for lunch, even though a minimum of 20 minutes rest is a legal requirement for those working for six hours or more (According to the 1998 Working Time Regulations).

BUPA also discovered that more than a third of employees experienced pressure from their managers to work through their lunches, with heavy workloads also being to blame.

Despite this, other studies have suggested that taking a break can help promote productivity within the workplace. It's not difficult to see why is it? Overworked and stressed staff will lead to negative working environment, because overworked employees are unhappy employees.

Alternatively, given time to catch up on news, eat some food and 'forget' about work, will leave staff feeling refreshed and de-stressed ultimately leading to a better workplace atmosphere and better productivity.

Researchers even found that letting your mind wander is an important part of the creative thinking process.

So, with that in mind, we're encouraging you to make the most of your lunch break this week and what better way to do that then by breaking a world record?!

So, we've put together an infographic with 12 different world records that you could potentially break in your lunch hour today I dare you to try! Why not challenge a colleague to a doughnut eating contest (we are particularly good at making doughnuts disappear in our office!)?

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