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Help our veterans back to work

The Poppy Factory
"E x-Service men and women have a fantastic work ethic, are disciplined, trustworthy and used to performing within a team," said Melanie Waters, Chief Executive of The Poppy Factory. "Many have qualifications that are invaluable for companies today."

"There are a number of employers all over Britain, who could offer wounded, sick and injured men and women a life-changing job," Melanie continues. "We have spent the last four years learning about individual issues, differing conditions, range of skills and expectations. We have developed relationships with companies and like-minded charities, but there is so much more scope for other businesses to open their doors to a new employee, who may require a little more consideration in the beginning, but will reward that support with long term commitment. So far, we have used our own funds and will continue to do so, but we plan to help 500 more ex-Service men and women back to work in the next five years and we need need to raise £4 million."

Melanie Waters
Melanie Waters

"An injury or delayed illness can shatter their lives. We want to help them regain their self-respect and confidence in order to earn a living, so that they can feel a valuable member of society again. This enables them to support themselves and their families and enjoy the next phase of their lives. Having valiantly served their country, we think they deserve it."

The forecast for medical discharges from the HM Forces is expected to reach 750 per annum from mid-2011. Add to that the number of ex-Service men and women, who may have served in Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands and Iraq, and who have not been successful in finding employment since being medically discharged from the Armed Forces, or those who have subsequently suffered from sickness, and the figures are even more significant.

For the past few years, The Poppy Factory has been piloting a supported employment scheme and has successfully managed to place more than 60 veterans of all ages in jobs around the UK. Focusing on boosting employment prospects, The Poppy Factory has found and matched employers with clients and part-funded their clients’ first year’s salary in a number of cases, to allow for a period of flexibility, enhancing training and development into their new role. Continued guidance is given to both the employer and employee to ensure the veteran’s smooth transition.

If you are intersted in the work of The Poppy Factory, would like to find out more about the possibility of helping a veteran regain their self-esteem through employment, or want to support the initiative in some other way, please contact:
t: 020 8939 1861

The Poppy Factory
20 Petersham Road
Surrey TW10 6UR

Since 1922, The Poppy Factory (originally called the Disabled Society) has been employing wounded, sick and injured ex-Service personnel in its factory making poppies, remembrance crosses, sprays and wreaths for The Royal British Legion and wreaths for the Royal family.

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