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Selecting staff for success

by Sue Ratcliffe, Head of Client Services, alldayPA company is as good as the people it hires. So, to make sure your company is the best it can be, you need to employ the correct staff. Employment and training can be both expensive and time consuming, so when hiring new staff try and look out for certain characteristics and follow these simple tasks to help ease the process when making the correct decision says Sue Ratcliffe, the Head of Client Services at alldayPA.

  1. Do they seem like they really want to be there?
    If you employ someone that is willing and eager to learn, then you are on the correct path. Hiring a certain individual doesn't have to depend on how much experience they have or how much they know about the company. Someone with a lot of experience in the field may not have the passion or willingness to succeed within the company. Find that 'spark' and develop the skills of your employee.

  2. Look for Mr/Mrs Motivator
    Teamwork is an important factor to consider when looking for a new member to join your business. However the person your hire must also be able to motivate those around them. Having a peer motivate the team will be so much more beneficial than you may think.

  3. Trust your gut feeling
    A lot of the time people tend to go with the candidates with the highest grades and the best degrees. If you think they would be right for the position then give them a chance. Google have been known to employ the candidates that achieve greatness on their own merit and not through education.

  4. Let them know exactly what they will be doing
    Letting the candidate know their job specification and position within the company will make things a lot easier. Giving them specific tasks and jobs will make work more efficient and enjoyable. Making sure the person can do these tasks before they are hired is vital.

  5. Wait for the right person
    Hiring on a whim can mean that you do not make the correct decision. Holding on and finding the perfect addition to the team will benefit you the in long term and you know they will be good at their job so you won't have to worry or make changes a few months later.

  6. Hire people that are all different
    If all of your employees are from the same background with the same ideas then nothing will be exciting. Different skills and imaginations will make for a more creative and positive company. Seeing something different in someone is never a bad thing. Different skill sets will increase the success of the business.

Don't be scared to try new things in terms of hiring new staff. Look out for similar personalities of the people that have succeed in the past and avoid similar personalities that haven't worked.

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