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On target for a great event

NRA Bisley

W e were promised something different: and we certainly got it!

My colleague and I headed off to Bisley, the National Shooting Centre, with the promise of a day trying out different guns – from clay pigeons to long-distance “sniper” shooting.

When we arrived, we found that Bisley is set in a wonderful location, with over 3000 acres and some beautiful examples of timber-built colonial-style clubhouses which date back to the 1890s. It is a truly exceptional setting unrivalled anywhere else in the world and the “safe zone” (the no-go area behind the targets with unexploded ordnance left over from a bygone era) is an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) with some rare plant and animal species in residence. A Range Officer (safety is extremely well maintained – as you would expect) told a story of when a competition had to go on pause when a deer strolled casually across the 1200 yard range.

NRA Bisley

We were considering the venue for a corporate event and felt that the choice would be limited only by our imagination: team building; corporate entertainment; sales conferences; customer or staff events; to name but a few.

The day was spent strolling between the various offerings. We started with the 300 yard prone (laying down to you and me!) target using a full-bore (.762) rifle. The targets looked miles away, but we realised later that this is short in comparison to the 1000 yard range (pass the scope!).

NRA Bisley

The black powder revolvers were great fun – clouds of smoke and big bangs – as well as a chance to shoot a .45 well-known from the movies. It put things in context too – scoring well was not as easy as the experts made it look and we were fascinated by the loading technique – which, by the way, uses semolina as part of the process!

The .38 Gallery rifle has replaced handguns in the UK due to the “utterly ridiculous laws” forbidding sports people being able to own them. As someone commented, now only the criminals and police are able to own handguns and all that the law has stopped is bona fide people enjoying their sport.

Really, there was so much to enjoy that there is only space to mention a few things, but the .22 semi-automatic rifle used for speed shooting (5 targets in the fastest time) was another highlight and the 4-bore muzzle-loading black powder shotgun has to be another. Taking a charge equivalent to about four “normal loads” and with a barrel over an inch in diameter, it fires with a jet of flame and cloud of smoke that it truly impressive – not to mention the noise!

NRA Bisley

So, our conclusion: if you want something memorable that goes with a bang, the National Shooting Centre at Bisley is the place for you. A combination of history, tradition and fun, with a chance to try (or show off) your shooting skills. Events can last from two hours to a full day and come with a serious dose of excitement. The really good news is that you do not have to have any experience at all as all the “packages” on offer include one-to-one expert tuition for each person, whether they are complete novices or consider themselves “crack shots”. Another good thing, there are no male / female differences in ability – shooting has always been open to all and women often do much better than men when they start to learn.

Of course, there need not be any competitive spirit, but not many can resist as they try to pop off a few clay pigeons or get a nice tight grouping on a target with a rifle or pistol. Bisley can even provide prizes and souvenirs for you and your guests to take home to help them remember the excitement of the day.

Excellent catering is also available at many of the beautiful clubhouses which can include breakfast, a hearty lunch, high tea or an evening dinner or BBQ – weather permitting! What more could you want for a successful and truly memorable event?

Bisley offers an unrivalled number of shooting activities:
  • Target Rifle prone (lying down) single shot precision shooting from a .762mm fullbore rifle
  • Black Powder Pistol firing a .45” calibre ball from replica American Civil War pistols
  • Sporting Rifle firing at either a moving boar or deer-shaped target
  • Clay Target shooting a shotgun at clays fired at different heights and angles from a trap
  • Gallery Rifle using a Ruger 10/22 self-loading rifle firing .22” small-bore quick-fire rounds

For more information please call:
t: +44 (0)1483 797 777
e: info@bisleycorporatedays.co.uk
w: www.bisleycorporatedays.co.uk

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