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Daniel Markuson, Digital Privacy Expert, NordVPNNever-to-use passwords
Daniel Markuson, Digital Privacy Expert, NordVPN (20-Nov-2020)
Despite the constant reminders from cybersecurity experts, people still use insecure passwords - check yours against the 'do not use' list
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, NutbourneCybersecurity: best practice is common sense
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, Nutbourne (18-Jun-2020)
With more than 98% of UK businesses and charities operating online, cybersecurity solutions are not something that can be ignored with the current risks. Common-sense tips to help
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-ShiftYour personal data - a crisis of trust
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift (19-Oct-2016)
Organisations need to heed consumer concerns about use of personal data and focus on building digital products and services that are based on trusted, sustainable customer relationships
Paul Evans, MD, RedstorData backup or business disaster?
Paul Evans, MD, Redstor (26-May-2016)
Data loss can have a staggering cost impact on a business. A recent study claimed that data loss and downtime costs global enterprises up to $1.7 trillion a year
Oscar Arean, Technical Operations Manager, DatabarracksHuman error is the leading cause of data loss
Oscar Arean, Technical Operations Manager, Databarracks (24-Sep-2015)
Human error ranked as the leading cause of data loss in organisations, with hardware failure following close behind
Simon Sear, Head of Change Management, BJSSBig Brother meets Big Data - be very afraid!
Simon Sear, Head of Change Management, BJSS (06-Nov-2014)
With the help of Big Data, companies can now analyse every text and photo you have ever posted on a social media platform to gain insights into your personality, your shopping habits and preferences
John Yeo, EMEA Director, TrustwaveCybercrime attack targets, victims, motivations and methods
John Yeo, EMEA Director, Trustwave (04-Jun-2014)
If businesses are not fully equipped with all of the necessary components, they are only increasing their chances of being the next data breach victim
Alex Smith, Director, IntermediaFive simple steps to a truly secure password
Alex Smith, Director, Intermedia (02-May-2014)
It is time for organisations to create strong passwords that will have the best chance of protecting their information
Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSIWhat most threatens business leaders?
Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI (05-Mar-2014)
Some threats are more common among most organizations, while others present themselves to varying degrees between different geographic locations or industry sectors - a need to plan
Kenny Mullen, Partner, Withers LLPCyber security - a plan of action for everyone
Kenny Mullen, Partner, Withers LLP (12-Dec-2013)
Is cyber security relevant to us? What should we be doing? And what is the cost? Tips for everyone
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline ITCyber crime - you are at serious risk - tips
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline IT (16-Aug-2013)
Britain is losing the fight against cyber-crime, now considered a bigger threat to the nation than nuclear war. Tips to protect your business
Andrew Brewerton, Regional Director, EVaultAvoiding business disaster from data loss
Andrew Brewerton, Regional Director, EVault (11-Jun-2013)
It’s shocking how few businesses have a backup strategy in place - it’s not just big organisations that need to back their data up
Corey Nachreiner, Director, WatchGuard TechnologiesWhat businesses should know about hackers
Corey Nachreiner, Director, WatchGuard Technologies (10-Jun-2013)
Over the last few years, hacker profiles and motives have changed. It’s important for you to understand them
Daniel Mitchell, founder and Director, Lifeline ITIs password your password?
Daniel Mitchell, founder and Director, Lifeline IT (08-Feb-2013)
Most businesses are now reliant on IT and security breaches could be disastrous, but most people are still careless with passwords
Phil Birbeck, MD of EquanetBusinesses caught off-guard by influx of personal devices
Phil Birbeck, MD of Equanet (22-Jun-2012)
Should employees use their own devices in the workplace? Opinion is split - what do you think?
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic TechnologyILOVEBYOD - the potential pitfalls of staff 'bring-your-own device'
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic Technology (08-Jun-2012)
Corporate security breeches often result from humans that inadvertently put information at risk; whether through simple curiosity, carelessness or ignorance
Phil Hutchison, Pitney BowesWho do you trust with your personal data?
Phil Hutchison, Pitney Bowes (01-Jun-2012)
The majority of Brits are extremely unwilling to trust any third party with their personal data - companies need to learn
Nabil Shabka, Director zuuMediaOn personal privacy
Nabil Shabka, Director zuuMedia (26-Mar-2012)
Giving up some privacy has some benefits so they say, but where do you draw the line?
Rob Cotton, CEO, NCC GroupWhere do hackers come from?
Rob Cotton, CEO, NCC Group (23-Feb-2012)
Computer hacks originating in the UK cost the global economy over $2 billion in 2011
Kevin Nolin, Quest SoftwareOver half of SMEs have no disaster recovery plan
Kevin Nolin, Quest Software (16-Jan-2012)
Events over the past year, including cyber-attacks and natural disasters, have highlighted the importance of having a robust disaster recovery process in place
Home OfficeKeep your passport safe
Home Office (26-Apr-2011)
Keep your passport safe - at home, on a business trip or holiday - essential information
National Fraud AuthorityScam e-mails - what to do
National Fraud Authority (28-Feb-2011)
What to do with scam e-mails - how to disrupt the fraudsters and close down the links between them and the victim

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