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Paula Gorry, Business Development Manager, Stampin Up! UKFive characteristics of a successful direct seller
Paula Gorry, Business Development Manager, Stampin Up! UK (23-Sep-2014)
People are turning to direct selling as an attractive career option - 5 tips on how to be a success
Helen Dickinson, DG, British Retail ConsortiumCash is still king, but e-payments growing
Helen Dickinson, DG, British Retail Consortium (02-Jun-2014)
Cash use is down 14% in the last 5 years - a milestone in the development of the digital economy and customer acceptance
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail ConsortiumBrand Britain - a global retail success
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail Consortium (04-Nov-2013)
The quality, range and accompanying service offered by 'Brand Britain' is respected around the world - particular growth in the clothing, beauty and department store sectors
Richard McIntosh, UK Managing Director, InvertoBetter buying, better profits
Richard McIntosh, UK Managing Director, Inverto (24-Sep-2013)
In the current economic climate, growing top-line sales is hard, so an examination of the purchasing process is critical
Robert Rigby, Business Development Manager, Emerald GlobalOptimising your travel needs
Robert Rigby, Business Development Manager, Emerald Global (09-Aug-2013)
The drive to save travel costs has resulted in a complex market and presents difficulties for customers. What is the solution?
Doug Tucker, Founder, Sales CommmandoEngage - talk to your customers
Doug Tucker, Founder, Sales Commmando (12-Jul-2013)
Providing a fantastic product and flawless service is no longer enough. Clients need to get maximum value for money and it is important to engage with them
Nabila, founder of Dore DionA fragrant entrepreneurial success story
Nabila, founder of Dore Dion (06-Jun-2013)
How a prime example of the untapped potential in young entrepreneurs we have in this country became a success story
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic GroupPromiscuous consumers: Loyalty = instant rewards
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic Group (22-Feb-2013)
The days of retail therapy are behind us – bargain hunting and rampant discounting are the norm in a tough economy and companies need to move with the digital times
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic GroupCustomer loyalty is more than discount deep
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic Group (19-Nov-2012)
Customers can overdose on discount deals, but, in the long-term most prefer preferential treatment for their loyalty
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic GroupCould supermarkets become superbanks?
Jon Worley, Director, The Logic Group (22-Oct-2012)
Consumers in the UK would like to have a single card for payments and loyalty scheme - supermarkets have an opportunity to rival banks
Cavendish Elithorn, Senior Director, OFTOnline selling - complying with the law
Cavendish Elithorn, Senior Director, OFT (15-Oct-2012)
Retailers should check that their websites comply with the law so that customers can be confident their rights are being respected when they shop online
Mark Walker, GM, Zipcar UKNew pay-as-you-live lifestyle changes the paradigm
Mark Walker, GM, Zipcar UK (11-Oct-2012)
Brits increasingly shun ownership in favour of hiring or sharing goods and services and the market is worth £22 billion
Antony Jones, CEO, The Logic GroupThe changing face of customer loyalty
Antony Jones, CEO, The Logic Group (30-Aug-2012)
At a time when businesses are feeling the economic pressures, understanding what consumers demand in return for their loyalty and the role new technologies can play is critical
Stephen Robertson, DG, BRCE-crime costs retailers over £200 million per year
Stephen Robertson, DG, BRC (29-Aug-2012)
At £205.4 million, e-crime represents 0.75% of the £28 billion of online retail sales in 2011 - it needs to be taken seriously
Dan Wagner, CEO, Powa TechnologiesRevolutionary new card payment system - ideal for SMEs
Dan Wagner, CEO, Powa Technologies (11-Jul-2012)
Over £35 billion of SME bad debt in the UK could benefit from this revolutionary new service enabling almost anyone to take card payments
Phil Hutchison, Pitney BowesWho do you trust with your personal data?
Phil Hutchison, Pitney Bowes (01-Jun-2012)
The majority of Brits are extremely unwilling to trust any third party with their personal data - companies need to learn
Rachel Oxburgh, CEO CasabuFrom rocks to frocks - entrepreneurial online retail
Rachel Oxburgh, CEO Casabu (31-May-2012)
Flash-sales - the latest online phenomenon to arrive from the US is launched by an entrepreneurial ex-Oxford Geochemist
John Rozek, director of Polar MomentContactless: too isolated to be the next big thing?
John Rozek, director of Polar Moment (24-May-2012)
The main driver behind contactless is to create a new revenue stream for the card schemes and banks and there are still some real barriers to overcome
Chris Orrell, MD HotelStayUKThe online daily deal market needs to change
Chris Orrell, MD HotelStayUK (14-May-2012)
The daily deals market is currently fraught with problems and must recognise supply and demand issues before growth can be sustained
Ian Simpson, MD, Catalogues 4 BusinessAre you missing out on distance selling?
Ian Simpson, MD, Catalogues 4 Business (27-Apr-2012)
With the right communication, it is easy to tell people what we sell and it doesn’t matter where they are in the world - are you missing out?
David Chan, CEO Barclaycard Consumer EuropeContactless payments become easier
David Chan, CEO Barclaycard Consumer Europe (19-Apr-2012)
The adoption of contactless payment in the UK has been slow, but a new initiative may make it more widely used
Stephen Robertson, BRC Director GeneralRetail - the road to recovery
Stephen Robertson, BRC Director General (01-Nov-2011)
Rebuilding consumer confidence to enable retail job growth and investment is the route to recovery
Stephen Robertson of BRCCustomers switch how they pay
Stephen Robertson of BRC (27-Jun-2011)
Banks continue to levy unjustifiably-high charges on retailers and customers for processing payments - is it fair?
Phil McCabe of FPBNew retail ombudsman?
Phil McCabe of FPB (24-Jun-2011)
Problems in the groceries supply chain highlight issues facing smaller businesses
BRCLarger retailers are a catalyst for town centres
BRC (08-Jun-2011)
Multiple retailers play a central role in national and local economies - the most likely catalysts of high street regeneration
Stephen Robertson of BRCHigh Streets - heart of the community
Stephen Robertson of BRC (17-May-2011)
High Streets are the heart of local communities and economies, providing jobs and essential services, but some are in trouble
British Retail ConsortiumNew online retail monitor
British Retail Consortium (26-Apr-2011)
The new quarterly Online Retail Monitor measures the growth of online retail searches

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