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Hayley Brooks, Managing Director, DimensionsThe importance of customer service and brand image
Hayley Brooks, Managing Director, Dimensions (16-Aug-2018)
What businesses can do can do to improve their customer service and boost their brand image in a bid to reap financial benefits
Diana Chrouch, Marketing ConsultantEssential marketing rehab for brands
Diana Chrouch, Marketing Consultant (01-Feb-2016)
Customer service - customer relations management or CRM - has never been more important to marketing a brand successfully as it is right now
Madeleine Laplanche, TrustpilotReal customer reviews for marketing success
Madeleine Laplanche, Trustpilot (20-Oct-2014)
The most trusted form of marketing is the ratings and reviews of customers in persuading people to buy - make sure they're not fake
Fergus Gilmore, UK and European MD, DeltekWhy happy clients don't always equal happy staff
Fergus Gilmore, UK and European MD, Deltek (04-Sep-2014)
Happy clients are the backbone of any successful business; but at what cost? While clients are content, overstretched employees may not be
Rupert Adair, Product Director, Enghouse InteractiveTechnology to support high-value customer service
Rupert Adair, Product Director, Enghouse Interactive (14-Aug-2014)
In the new fully digital environment, there is often much less of a sense of personal service and of a human touch - technology can help
Dennis Fois, CEO, RapideCustomer experience - the CEO's critical asset
Dennis Fois, CEO, Rapide (18-Mar-2014)
Customer service is the relationship between a brand and its consumers. Customer experience, on the other hand, is more singular and it is the CEO's most critical asset
Lars Gronnegaard Hansen, Product Manager, TrustpilotHow customer reviews can boost employee motivation
Lars Gronnegaard Hansen, Product Manager, Trustpilot (17-Jan-2014)
Customer reviews provide an invaluable trust signal to potential customers and are playing an increasingly central role in rallying the troops
Charlie Wileman, Digital Marketing Executive, GeneratorHow best to combine value and luxury
Charlie Wileman, Digital Marketing Executive, Generator (10-Jan-2014)
How do you combine value and luxury in the same product? Considering and responding to customer needs
Kevin May, founding Partner, Sticks LLCThe importance of customer insight
Kevin May, founding Partner, Sticks LLC (30-Oct-2013)
Insights come in many different forms and to be wholly valuable, they have to be at least five things
Paul Lawton, General Manager of SMB, O2Online presence critical for customer service
Paul Lawton, General Manager of SMB, O2 (12-Aug-2013)
72% of people will never forgive a small business if they receive poor customer service – and 67% will share their bad experience with others
BWWhen it all goes wrong - customer service
BW (16-Jul-2013)
Mistakes happen! The difference is how you handle them when they do and how your customers feel as a result
Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy, uSwitch.comCompanies are getting away with poor service
Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy, (30-May-2013)
Why are almost three quarters of us are prepared to let companies get away with poor customer service?
Phil Singh, VP EMEA Business Development, EpsilonInvest in your customers and reap the benefits
Phil Singh, VP EMEA Business Development, Epsilon (24-May-2013)
In this complicated, crowded market, brands cannot afford to be anything but approachable, informative and targeted in both their marketing and communications
Pietro Pagani, Creative Manager, VistaprintBusiness networking - be prepared
Pietro Pagani, Creative Manager, Vistaprint (21-May-2013)
Consumers prefer personal contact through networking, however small business owners aren't clued up on its benefits with 12% not even knowing what networking is
Luke Barrett, Managing Director, ThoughtWorksAbandon sales commission - focus on customers
Luke Barrett, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks (11-Apr-2013)
Sales incentives are an almost universal motivation for sales forces, but can cause departmental divides and take the focus away from good customer service
Philip Collins, Chairman, OFTSupporting economic growth and business
Philip Collins, Chairman, OFT (28-Mar-2013)
Competition drives growth by encouraging innovation and increasing business efficiency. The OFT's role is to tackle issues that stand in the way of growth
Andrew Gilbert, MD, Node4Fragile economy prompts customer focus
Andrew Gilbert, MD, Node4 (27-Feb-2013)
Creating a culture that promotes self-evaluation and open and honest relationships will always benefit a company - sustained growth lies with meeting demands of customers
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFTCustomers reluctant to complain about legal profession
Mary Starks, Senior Director, OFT (25-Jan-2013)
Customers of the legal profession are sceptical about the value of complaining and confused where to go

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