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Phillip Bates, Principal, Phillip Bates and CoBusiness requires liquidity to succeed
Phillip Bates, Principal, Phillip Bates and Co (22-Sep-2014)
Businesses talk a lot about revenue and profitability, but often more important than either of these is liquidity
Sarah Coulson. Bureau Manager, Rawlinsons Payroll and HRReal Time Information: are you ready?
Sarah Coulson. Bureau Manager, Rawlinsons Payroll and HR (04-Feb-2013)
From April, businesses will be required to submit information to HMRC on or before the date they pay employees - are you ready?
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, StraughansThe morality of tax
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, Straughans (11-Dec-2012)
Moral judgements about tax are currently flying around the media - we look at the morality and common sense
Sarah Coulson, Rawlinsons Payroll and HRNew HMRC Real Time Information - be prepared
Sarah Coulson, Rawlinsons Payroll and HR (10-Oct-2012)
HMRC's new Real Time Information system will make it easier for employers, pension providers and HMRC to administer PAYE, but organisations must be prepared
Martin Crook, Partner, Adams MooreFraud - tips on how to spot and avoid it
Martin Crook, Partner, Adams Moore (14-Sep-2012)
Fraud can affect businesses of all sizes - whether you employ a small team or a significant workforce. Consider how you can increase your awareness and what defences you can implement
Tracey Rawling-Church, KyoceraBillions are being thrown in the bin
Tracey Rawling-Church, Kyocera (20-Aug-2012)
The average UK worker is printing 6000 sheets of paper every year and, staggeringly, 4000 end up in the bin. How does that affect the bottom line?
Philip King of ICMNew online portal to help companies recover debts
Philip King of ICM (27-Mar-2012)
The online platform allows businesses to compare debt collection agencies, gain instant quotes and seek immediate action on the recovery of overdue invoices
Simon Plant, Group Partner, SFPEarly intervention can prevent insolvency
Simon Plant, Group Partner, SFP (14-Mar-2012)
Directors need to recognise the warning signs of financial difficulties and be proactive in seeking support

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