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Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered BankIs banker bashing fair and justified?
Sir Thomas Harris, Vice Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank (26-Oct-2013)
Seismic global economic shifts, unprecedented and depressing volatility in the markets, major concerns about the banking industry itself and a tsunami of new regulations have combined to make for a very difficult ride
SPQL - in the City of LondonBusiness finance fit for the future
SPQL - in the City of London (18-Mar-2013)
Traditional bank finance just isn't working. Is crowd finance, Islamic Finance or non-bank finance the answer to help kick-start business and the economy
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comDespite rates, savers will revert to ISAs
Michael Ossei of (20-Feb-2013)
With rates just bumping along, it’s more important than ever for consumers to find the right ISA or savings plan to suit their needs
Paul Stephenson, MD, Results InternationalRaising finance - it's not impossible
Paul Stephenson, MD, Results International (10-Apr-2012)
As with most aspects of running a business, when it comes to finance, your starting point must be your business objectives - and proactively managing your finances
Simon Carter, Director of Touch FinancialSMEs say government should force banks to lend
Simon Carter, Director of Touch Financial (09-Apr-2012)
The problem for SMEs is that the banks appear to be providing the wrong kind of financial solution and 92% want the government to do more
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comBrits are struggling to save
Michael Ossei of (20-Mar-2012)
The nations piggybanks are suffering with 21% of Brits currently unable to save anything and a further 32% can only save as and when they can
Michael Ossei of uSwitch.comChristmas and the festive financial hangover
Michael Ossei of (30-Dec-2011)
The majority of Brits will have struggled to pay for Christmas this year and almost one in ten will still be in debt next Christmas
The Work FoundationBanks fail to support high-growth firms
The Work Foundation (07-Jul-2011)
The UK’s financial sector is systematically failing SMEs which could provide the greatest source of innovation, jobs and growth
Stephen Robertson of BRCCustomers switch how they pay
Stephen Robertson of BRC (27-Jun-2011)
Banks continue to levy unjustifiably-high charges on retailers and customers for processing payments - is it fair?
Philip KingBank lending - a much bigger problem!
Philip King (10-Feb-2011)
Britain’s banks shouldn't be forced to lend. SMEs are pointing the finger in the wrong direction for their failure, according to Philip King, CEO of ICM.

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Leslie BuddMoney for nothing - crisis for free
Leslie Budd
The predictable causes of the financial crash and what the future holds are examined by the Open University

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